AWOL Academy – Good or Bad?

AWOL Academy is a new training program created by Keala Kanae but is it actually any good or is it just another scam system out to steal your money? After taking a closer look we were able to find out all the details.

The first thing we did was attend the AWOL Academy webinar after reading another blog post on – After visiting their website which contains 100’s of reviews on a number of scams we noticed they were recommending it. So thought we would take a closer look.

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The webinar was scheduled for 6pm that night so we attended. It was packed full of 2-hours of content on the topic of affiliate marketing. This was not your typical sales webinar where it’s just a 2-hour fitch pest. Keala actually delivered solid value on the topic of making money online and we thought it was very good.

After about 10-15 minutes of watching Keala soft pitched their AWOL Academy which costs $99. We didn’t join because we wanted to actually watch the full webinar to find out exactly what kind of training Keala had on offer but towards the end of the webinar when Keala re-pitched the AWOL Academy offer for $99 we jumped in.

Go here to check out AWOL Academy

Inside AWOL Academy

After actaully watching the webinar and then paying the $99 to access AWOL Academy we were able to finally see what Keala had on offer. Some of the reviews we found were a little negative however our opinion was not negative at all. I think some of the “few” negative reviews were because those people were extremely early into the program when perhaps parts of it were still unfinished but that was not the case for us.

We continued to go through the AWOL Academy training and found it extremely useful and very informative. A real focus has been put on the content and not just making money which is a huge plus. There are so many programs out there where the primary purpose is to make the creator rich. With AWOL Academy that is clearly not the case. Yes we are sure that Keala and his team are making a considerable income from selling the AWOL Academy programs but ultimately they are delivering immense value in our opinion.

Success Stories From AWOL Academy

After we went through the training we were interested to find out about other people who are having success after becoming involved with AWOL Academy. We spoke to a number of people including one of their top affiliates and earners. This particular person had pulled in multiple 6-figures thanks to Keala and his program.

We also spoke with the owners who became involved with AWOL Academy recently and found out that they were able to generate over $12k in their very first month after being involved with the training and the program.

Clearly they have put together something very good. There is absolutely no reason to see any negative reviews about it online. And if you do read any negative reviews then chances are it’s an affiliate of a competitor company trying to bash the AWOL Academy reputation in order to sell you their own products and/or services.


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